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  • Nervous or dreading your next presentation?

  • You did some presentations and it wasn't clear of people listened?

  • There were a lot of questions you didn't know how to handle?



a super condensed workshop. No need for multiple sessions to start being less afraid of mastering that skill



Not everyone wants/should become a great presenter.

Presentations is something we do, not something we work at.

Get the tools you need to have the skill set needed to build great presentations.

Self-improvement tools

True, you can't become a master presenter over night, but most of the work is personal and over time.

we will learn how to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a presentation in order to create a path of self-improvement to eliminate that fear once and for all

Places i've worked/ am working with:

About the workshop:

Delivering a successful presentation became an essential skill set for achieving goals and milestomes both in the business AND the personal world.

Every presentation is an opportunity where all eyes are on us, and if we prepare the right way - we can influence, persuade, sell, and even impress the audience.

This workshop is for all presentations types: customers, employees, conferences, evetns, meetings, academy, university, youth, teaching, technical and more and more...


delivering a presentation is a great opportunity for anyone of us to showcase what we can do/be.

But sometimes the fear of presentations can overpower us from achieving this - It shouldn't be like that!

We will learn and practice:

  • how to prepare for building a presetnation

  • how to decide the right structrue

  • how to choose the right content

  • how to design content in a memorable and logical way

  • how to craft a story behihn the presentation

  • how to deliver and adapt to carious target audiences

  • how to hadel audience questions

  • how to create a good feedback system for ever self-improvement

What will i learn?
(Great question. 'Dealing with questions', session#3)

  • How people consume knowledge through a presentation

  • Improving audience and participants interactions during a presentation

  • Become more aware of what happens what you present. learn the strengths and weaknesses

  • Time management - make it count the first time

  • how to people learn in 2018 and how to use it for our benefits

מהות הסדנה
האם זה בשבילי

Is it for me?

Required Training

Speakers / Keynote

Managers / Execs


Job Seekers





Techers / Lecturers

Knowledge Managers


Just Nervous

Remote / Telecommute


Team Leaders

Instructors / Trainers

Delivering a presentation is a great opportunity for anyone of us to showcase what we can do/be.

But sometimes the fear of presentations can overpower us from achieving this - It shouldn't be like that!

Business owner?



This workshop was built and delivered for over 10 year in business environments.

Usually with some tailored options to give the best value for employees.


all clients2.png

Over 15 years experience building and delivering presentations (training, lecturing, teaching, consultant)

over 10,000 hours of actual presentation delivery and fine-tuning

Speaking only out of real personal experience

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About the Speaker

Roy turned quickly from a trusted business partner into a friend you can rely on in any situation. He's pushing the limit for his business, his partners, friends and especially family. Even the deepest pit-falls and the driest cash-flow times are being managed out of the way with a thoughtful chutzpah-mentality.

He's got a vision, while reaching short term goals. He can pitch anything to anyone, while staying honest and to the point. You have to enjoy his attitude, which is why I will jump on any opportunity to work with him.


Roy presents high level of training development and methodology, creative thinking and commitment to the quality of his work.


Roy is an outstanding instructor with a gift to captivate audience and get the message through. He is smart and fun to work with and always drives to learn and keep up with new technologies. During the time I spent working with him as a colleague and later on as my manager I enjoyed every minute of it, being very organized, keen on details and great human person.


Roy is a great addition to any team.
We worked together on various projects and Roy always showed professionalism and in depth knowledge in the matter that we were dealing with. 
Roy has the ability to lead projects from the start until completion.
Roy brings great ideas and innovations to any project and has unique and new ways of looking and dealing with training and instructional design.

Contact / Questions

]reRET2082 - Creative Business Strategies | 48 King George st. Tel Aviv, Israeli | HC03

Thanks! Message sent.

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