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Employer Branding: How To Create Employee Pride [Post 03, Series]

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

SOMEHOW I MANAGE. dot. dot. dot.

Welcome back to the weekly series where i (we) analyze the business situations encountered by possibly one of the greatest bosses ever

In the previous post, we covered more challenging aspects of creating a good employer

branding and company culture and how with the good comes the bad.

This will we’ll take a look at how to create pride with your employees and make them feel like more that a workplace.

Pride isn't always a good thing, but a little of it now and then can definitely create happier, more connected employees and overall atmosphere in the office.

Fun run (s04e01) — Charity works both ways

What’s the easiest, smartest and other superlatives, way to get people rallied behind a cause? make the cause bigger than them OR not about money but actually something that will benefit someone else.

Michael chooses a cause that is a very weird one — “Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure”. But still as the boss, his employees reluctantly follow, and as always when you get people out of their comfort zone and make them more willing to try new experiences — they open up and are more friendly, which in turn, creates a more friendly culture because what happens in charity events creates a lasting impression on the people you work with and spend so much of your time with.

DM infinity (s04e03) — Bring your company to the digital age

Ahhh technology and its annoying habit of making everything new and updated and challenging to learn.

In this episode, Michael is very difficult when it comes time to brainstorm about implementing the new Dunder Mifflin Infinity system that should bring the company to the new digital age where everything is online. But, and that’s a big but, the sales team have a point in objecting to the move as they’re not seeing sales commissions on online sales, and Michael chooses to get behind them even if it means going against corporate.

You see, the feeling that your boss is behind you means, you really should take your teams side if you believe they are right. I’m not talking about serious stuff or criminal stuff, i’m thinking of cases like this, where your team needs a voice he doesn't have — be that voice.

Local ad (s04e09) — Make everyone the face of the company

In this one, the company is about to shoot a new commercial, where the employees are a part of. Michael takes this to the extreme and essentially directs and produces a Hollywood blockbuster, which is of course way differnet that the wave and smile 5 seconds they wanted to shoot in the first place.

What Michale does? get’s every single employee of the branch to participate and come up with ideas, it’s just great to see the true singing, acting, producing, filming, and overall can-do attitude that everyone involves posseses.

Make everyone the face of the company and they will feel like they are. Why execs and managers dont include random employees in strategic, or even management meetings to get them more connected to ALL aspects of running the company.

When i worked at Nasdaq trades company and was invited for a top management meeting as a trainer but was allowed to sit through most of it — i learned more that i did in 4 years in the company. About 50% of what was said pertained to me is some ‘down-the-food-chain’ manner.

Branch Wars (s04e10) — Nothing like good Shenanigans to get the excitement going

Michael is pissed off that one of his employees is thinking about relocating to another branch, to him it’s like turning your back on family.

As he is, he plans his version of a “panty raid” on the other branch, by panties he means the industrial copier. Another employee, Jim, joins them as he believes (rightfully) they will do something stupid. They end up getting in trouble of course and Jim has to even face his ex which he didn't end the relationships with well.

You know what, i remember in every company i worked for we used to do stupid and sometime even foolishly dangerous stuff, but it was always at the risk of getting caught or getting told to by our bosses to quit it — and it almost never came. Not even when we played soccer all over the corridor of the office while important clients were touring with management, you know what, when we accidentally kicked the ball too far, one of the customers with the suit kicked it back and they all got a good laugh — and who wouldn’t want their sales pitch to be enjoyable :)

Job fair (s04e17) — The boss on the proverbial ground floor

Michael’s joins Pam and Oscar to attend the local job fair. There he tries so bad to make Dunder Mifflin the best place to intern that even disses the Air Force.

Yet, you have to admire the example Michael could have set off only he wasn’t that weird. All manager must remind everyone how to be the faec of the company, whether it’s attending random meetings and taking on dealing with customers directly, shoe ’em how it’s done kind of thing.

See you next time with the glorious season 5 :)

Cheers, RT

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