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SEED IS NOT DEAD! It just needs a new approach.

It’s been 10 years since the crash of 2008, which created a massive boost to the new generations of startups (tech startups mainly).

Since 2011 — I’ve been a part of 8 seed rounds in 5 different companies. And in the last half of 2018, seed rounds in israel are rare. it’s not that we dont have seed rounds, they just went way up (>$1.5M) and therefore made it harder to raise a seed round — where most investors require early stage growth and real indicators of potential revenue, or even more-so, actual revenues — and that makes sense, to the big investors/funds who can spear sums like that.

On the other hand, there are literally thousands of good companies just starting or companies who have been around who need that exact seed money to use if for exactly what it’s meant to — SEED.

Disclosure: overall i would do the same thing as these investors and funds do, it’s not 2012 anymore, and most tech companies have enough resources and many playgrounds and get to a more advance stage with less cash flow and they should.

However, after 10 years, there is a new generations of startups.

A decade is a long time when it comes to sociological changes and cultural development, especially in a super fast changing and ever-evolving within a huge industry — High Tech.

We see them all the time, all around, they are definitely built on technology but for their startups, tech is taking for granted, it’s just there, it works, no need to change everything.

Who we are?

Amit & Ohad & Roy.

Operating and starting and closing and launching companies, with the years of walking and not talking, (as all people) you learn a few things and gain some experience.

We bring with us a network professionals from all levels and quirks of several industries. 

We know what we bring to the table and we know what it takes to get anywhere.

We are only looking for creative people — Founders of any kind of any industry.


We are not limited in anyway and are not looking for resources, only creative individuals who’ve always felt they need to stick to who they truly are.

How we operate?

here’s the jist —

  • We just need a deck or a presentation and contact details. we dont want to waste anyone’s time especially our own, and we are VERY honest.

  • The deck (a good deck!) should give us enough info to explore and examine if and how we can help. By help we mean strategic partner involved.

  • Once we validate and run our own due diligence process and proceed to seed investment, where we put in the first money and take it to our network to lead a bigger round (if necessary).


We have been running a great 6 months experiment where we invested in a few companies, partnered together a few companies, and build and created several others, and what we learn from that process is that sometime you need to put the carriage ahead of the horses.

We can only work with build products or at least a super-defined product. That means we need companies or startups and businesses that have something very clear working or 3–6 months from it (real 3–6 months). This allows us to easily and fairly fast determine first point of real interest from the market. Most companies we’ve seen in the past 3 years were over confident about the problem/need/opportunity they pursued and we must validate with REAL unbiased people — the ones who will use/pay for your product.

Why the name?

Concepts is what Amit is building for the past 20 years, and an approach to business developments i’ve been using for the past 5 years. And, it sounds cool and Amit is very attached to names.


We are not limited in anyway and are not looking for resources, only creative individuals/companies/brands/teams who’ve always felt they need to stick to who they truly are.


if you have a successful brand, a unique product, an established and defined business of any kind — approach!

How to approach?

Send deck and contact details here. No need to over complicate things.

Why are you insisting on deck and presentations only? because that’s the best way to showcase a company and determine if and what we can do for it (the next best thing is an actual working product)

Can i contact you directly? why not? :)

That’s it, if you have something interesting to share — please do

Yours,  Amit & Ohad & Roy

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